My story

After the birth of our son Riff I had absoluty no idea what had just happened to me. When they put him on my breast all I could think was “what the f… just happened”. This feeling lingered, a whole lot of anxiety and insecurity surfaced. So it’s safe to say the the first year of motherhood was pretty tough on me.

Mijn verhaal

After 6 months of muddling on and keeping up appearances, I couldn’t cope anymore and reached out for help. I learned how becoming a mother had triggered trauma and old pain from my own past. With the right help I slowly but surely began to find myself in motherhood. I realized and felt the importance of taking care of myself. This meant discovering respecting my own boundaries. Why didn’t I know this sooner? As I learned more, the more I felt deeply motivated to do something with this.

During the pregnancy of our daughter Uma I started soak up more information. When I learned about the importance about the first thousand days, from conception to two years old, so many pieces of the puzzle fell into place for me. During this pregnancy I completely immersed myself in everything about birth and motherhood. The importance of preparation, your own role in the process and discovering your own story. The birth of Uma was at home in the bath and an empowering experience. A perfect combination of control, trust and being able to surrender to the process. A birth and post-partum period on my terms. Not overshadowed by fear, but in love and trust.

During my maternity leave it became very clear that I really wanted to work with women in early motherhood. I had experienced and especially felt how important good preparation and guidance is during this period and felt I wanted to help other women. I stopped working as a nurse in mental health care and a birth coach course came on my path. The RBVR training was the opportunity for me to follow my dream. After this, Muinín was born, the Irish word for (self)confidence. For me one of the most important things during pregnancy, birth and parenthood. Trust in yourself, the process and your baby. And it’s also a nice tribute to my Irish roots.

From pregnancy to the first year after your baby is born, I am here for you to explore together how you can take on the adventure honouring your boundaries and wishes, with love and trust.