To trust yourself, the pregnancy and your baby

Hi and welcome! I am Aisling.

Mother of 2 children and slightly obsessed with pregnancy and early motherhood. The birth of my oldest son made it clear to me how important proper preparation and guidance is during this vulnerable, but also definitely powerful and life-changing period.

Aisling owner of Muinin

What are you here for?

I believe the transition to motherhood (again) can be an invitation to scrutinize yourself. In which you are sometimes gently or forcefully invited to guard your own boundaries. Saying no, standing up for yourself, taking time for yourself and sensing what you really need can be quite a challenge. This phase is all about you and the baby in your belly. I am here during this time to stand beside you, from pregnancy through one year postpartum, and offer practical support. Preparing for birth and maternity, creating an evidence-based birth plan "the Birth Map," massage for relaxation and self-care, maternity care and as a postpartum doula. Together we can explore what works for you. From your limits and needs, from love and trust. My work area includes everything within about a half hour drive from Zaandam.

NEW: prepare your labor and delivery now at your own pace in my online environment with community, for a mentally resilient start as a mother. Send me a message with your email address and you get free access to the community where you can follow the first lesson for free. In February and March you can get in for €90,- and after that the price goes up to €180,-.(With additional insurance a partial reimbursement is possible)

From pregnancy to postpartum.

Honouring your limits and desires, with love and trust.


Pregnancy massage

A moment to give your body and yourself the love and care it deserves.


Birth Preparation

Together we completely prepare your delivery according to your personal needs.

Maternity care

Holistic & Natural

As a maternity nurse in training, I am available to support you during the maternity week.


 PP Doula & Massage

With massage and as a postpartum doula, I am there to ease the transition from woman to mother.


I had a wonderful pregnancy and massage. Aisling takes everything to make your own bed feel like a massage bed and thinks of lots of details. Massage was very relaxing, felt my whole body again, after being a bit alienated from it the first weeks of pregnancy. Afterwards she takes everything away without leaving any trace at home. I really enjoyed the peace and attention.


Aisling makes sure you are at ease. And puts her own spin on the information about giving birth and the things surrounding it. She also uses her own experience to explain things. With humor, love and understanding, Aisling made us as a couple a lot wiser about what to expect during childbirth. Also the piece of spirituality made the whole thing more profound. Trusting your body and mind. Very nice and beautiful experience.

Mara & Menno

What a special maternity week we had. I found my previous maternity week very overwhelming and intense but because of Aisling I experienced it very differently this time. She made the maternity week not only about a new baby but also about a new mother. She put me central and I felt seen and heard. From very nice, open conversations to the best massages. But also delicious meals! Every night I looked forward to Aisling being back on the doorstep the next day.


Can you imagine?

You enter this new period with confidence.

You see one familiar face during your maternity week.

You step into this new chapter with realistic expectations.

You start your post-partum period from a peacefull and trusting base.

You know what you want for your birth and post-partum period.

You are consious about your baby's beginning.

You connect with your inner power.

You make decisions from your intuition and confidence.